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Joe Honey

Joe Honey is on a BEE-YOU-TIFUL journey to source the most delicious, raw and pure honey. On this journey, we support local beekeepers and their role in the environment.

We love bees and are absolutely amazzzed with what they do. Nature is awesome and we want to share a part of it with you in a responsible and ethical way.


We wanted to find something we could make a business of that would support local producers, workers and farmers. We thought and thought about ideas for weeks but no WOW moment came. Until my grandfather sent us some honey from the bushveld and Johnnie tried some.

He said he had never tasted honey like this as he was only used to the honey in the supermarkets- which is very seldom pure raw honey.


We decided to give it a go. It seems all the people who now buy Joe Honey feel the same as Johnnie did. The bonus is, it’s all local. Literally from the hive to your home.

“Joe Honey makes us happy because we see it growing into something big, we see it making a difference, we see it helping people and we see it becoming a household name.”

Johnnie and Michaela – Owners and Founders of Joe Honey


Honeybees are under threat worldwide because of virulent viruses against which they have no natural defences.

Nearly all colonies in the wild have died out and without beekeepers to care for them, honeybees could disappear in a few years.

Sweet Solutions
Three ways you can help:

Plant bee friendly plants like mint and sunflowers.

Buy local honey, support beekeepers and keep the bees.

Bee informed – make sure the honey you use comes from a reliable source.

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We almost love people just as much as we love bees.


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